xeromax envelope

Xeromax Envelope is a quarter-scale experiment for a responsive building envelope calibrated and tuned to its environment. Part robotic structure, part experimental interface, and part microclimatic machine it registers energy cycles and interactions over time while harvesting solar energy and protecting the building from the local climate. Xeromax Envelope is proposed as a second-skin to an existing building and becomes a register of present and forecasted conditions. The model weaves ultra thin custom actuators, arrays of light and proximity sensors through the extent of the surface which transforms as it registers the changing conditions around it. 

Date: 2013
Location: New York, NY
Design: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno
Team: Jon Acosta, Diana Acosta, Michael Ageno, Taylor Burgess, Mark Campos, Ripon De Leon, Anthony Diaz, Paul Fromm, Andrei Hakhovich,  Wendy Ju, Kezia OFiesh, John Hobart Smith, Bo Wonkalasin
Curator: Christopher Hight
Select Photography: Zechariah Vincent