The 40-foot long “Hydraspan Bridge Colony” installation is a quarter-scale model of the west span of the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge. It is a speculative proposal for the radical reuse and re-colonization of the bridge infrastructure. Suspended from the bridge trusses, thousands of fog-catching catenary ribbons sustain an inner world of domestic and agricultural activity: floating living units are tethered alongside fresh water catch basins, robotic sky pods support suspended fish farm vitrines, and the bridge trusses serve as the catalysts for social, political and commercial exchange.

Date: 2013
Location: San Francisco, California
Design: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno
Team: Ji Ahn, Fernando Amenedo, Michael Atherton, Ripon DeLeon
Curator: Betti-Sue Hertz
Commissioned by:
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts