Cosmos is a dynamic shade canopy that fosters pedestrian interactions and establishes a lively collective focal point for the Intuitive Surgical campus. By supporting the artwork with a single cluster of arches, Cosmos creates an open, shaded and inviting space for people to fluidly move through on a daily basis. It also creates a dramatic backdrop for visitors and employees to congregate, sit and view the play of shadow and light from many vantage points. The faceted origami-like surfaces of the artwork are also meant to inspire spontaneous interactions and playfulness by both adults and children who might enjoy spending time underneath the artwork’s intricate organic structure and kaleidoscopic skin.

The geometry of the artwork is an exploration in translating mathematical principles into physical form.The Fibonacci Sequence informs the specific algorithm underlying the three-dimensional structure and skin of the artwork. While the form of the artwork would be fixed, the play of light, reflection and color would change throughout the day and season. The site specific installation invites visitors to experience the interplay of pattern, light, art and science in a way that is both playful and contemplative.

Date: Present

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Design: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno

Team: Natalie Abbott, Joel Frank, Brian McKinney, Carlos Sabogal, Emily Saunders

Consultant: Arup Engineers-Nick Sherrow Grooves P.E, Mary Hannah, Kay Hannah Associates