“Cirriform (noun, plural): transparent cloud formations characterized by narrow feathery bands composed of ice crystals that refract the prevailing colors of the sky. When light interacts with the crystals it produces pulsating auroras and spectacular flowing patterns.”

Cirriform is a proposal for a site specific installation exploring the intersection of public space, physical computing and interactive architecture. The installation situates itself at the threshold between inside and outside, the digital and the physical, the artificial and the natural. Cirriform activates the building façade and creates a playful, interactive and intellectually engaging experience that draws people to the building. It performs as an attractor capturing and translating the latent energies of its context into visually discernable formations of geometry and ambient light.

Date: 2011
Location:Seattle, WA
Design: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno
Team: Ripon DeLeon, Lawrence Le, Sergio Sandoval
Consultants: Onomy Labs, Menlo Park, CA