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Nataly will be speaking in the Responsive Cities: Active Spaces symposium at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) on November 13th. Great group of speakers lined up!

From the website: "Technology is emerging as a powerful generator of new digital public spheres, producing a strong impact on the physical shape of the city itself. As new tools and planning strategies rise, designers and urbanists face new challenges. Which are the new functions and configurations that emerge in the Public Space? How do citizens interact with the urban elements and how do those latter perform? The public space is the catalyst for urban renewal in the core of cities. It is the place where participatory local democracy occurs, where the character of a Society is materialized and where all infrastructure networks that connect the City functional nodes come together ... The Responsive Cities 2017 Call focuses on the applications and implications of new technologies in the dynamic sphere of public spaces. The specific focus is placed on the advancements of technologies of information, interaction and fabrication in the redefinition of public space, as catalyst for achieving urban resilience and high quality of life."