2017 Active Public Space


How To Guide: Implementing Technology Towards Active Public Space
Edited by Areti Markopoulou, Chiara Farinea, Mathilde Marengo

Murmur Wall and Datagrove are both included in the online publication, alongside an amazing group of designers!

From the publication: "The "Implementing technology towards active public space. “How to” Guide” consists of a series of high-quality learning materials addressing how to transform public space into smart public space. It includes the presentation of a series of existing smart urban technologies and a series of suggestions-proposals on how to apply these technologies in the public space. In this way, the Guide contributes to bridge the knowledge gap between smart urban technologies and architects, urban-planners and creatives working on public spaces. On the other hand, the Guide can also benefit engineers and telecommunication experts who are working on developing and applying technologies in the public space, but feel they lack basic knowledge and principles in architecture, urban and sustainable design."

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Supported by IAAC |  CCEA UAAV | Creative Europe Programme of the EU | 'La Caixa' Foundation | Smart City Expo